Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei)

“In Ueshiba’s Aikido, there are no enemies”

“To rid the world of aggression and contention is the purpose of Aikido”

“Without Love the world cannot improve”

“Aikido is the actualization of love”

“In Aikido we employ a sword to represent the cleansing of maliciousness and a sincere attitude”

Aikido means “Way of Harmony,” or “Way of Love.”  Aiki can be translated as love, or harmony,  and “do” as way. Aikido is a martial art, but it is more than a martial art. Aikido is a way to practice transforming aggression into connection. I...

Aikido, meaning The Way of Harmony, is less a martial art, and more a way of life. Aikido has taught me that we are indeed all connected and is a unique expression of the Source of Power and Love. In Aikido, the attacker is called...